Animal Years

NYC 2014 / Video

A much buzzed-about band who I have written about before, it was so amazing to run into Animal Years in New York City – it only made sense to invite them back for a private session video. What would unfold in front of a room of friends was a huge set – immensely promising and very popular. (“You have to book this band next year, Ryan” – I heard this many times. And I think we will..)

Singer Mike McFadden released 3 solo albums while living in Baltimore, MD, before moving to New York two years ago. He adopted the moniker Animal Years to break out of the solo singer/songwriter category. There he joined his bandmates who today curate an indie pop set that wins over hearts on a regular basis. Downtown Magazine (NYC) just named the band to their hot list of the season and an Animal Years song was just brought to life by an actress from the hit HBO show True Blood (go to their website to check that one out). A lot of people are beginning to pay attention.

For the first time, and the only place you can see it, here is the private session video recorded in The Garden. We think you’re going to love it!

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