Jon Lewis

NYC 2016 / Video


Upstate New York songwriter Jon Lewis made an inspired appearance at The Outlaw Roadshow New York this fall, appearing in this worthy-watch video. In the session Lewis is joined by frequent collaborator Dave Drago Tallahassee, Hallelujah The Hills, The Lawsuits, Smith & Weeden, The Grownup Noise, INFJ). The pair are flanked on all sides by original art by painter Felipe Molina.

Jon is as prolific as he is artistically driven. Having released three albums in the last four years (his latest are Out To Lunch and Panic Rock) Lewis is a music technician, a full-time children’s performer – and, he works in film. The results, while varied, are truly inspired.
One To Watch –  I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see a new set of songs from Jon Lewis in 2017. In fact, you shouldn’t either. Definitely give his albums (click ~music~ below) a solid listen. He’s a solid songwriter and working with some sensational talent.

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