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K Phillips

K Phillips joins the Counting Crows summer tour

Longtime Outlaw K Phillips will join the Counting Crows and Rob Thomas for their tour this summer.  There’s really no question why Adam and Rob chose K and his band to open for their audiences, truly one of the best acts in the country right now.

His ramshackle, country vibe comes off exactly as intended.. Cautiously perfect. Righteously cool… Expect quiet moments and huge, soaring jams – all inspired by stories of lost love and nights out looking for trouble.

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Black Box – Air Traffic Controller

Black Box - ATC

Air Traffic Controller have created a place all their own in the indie pop world.

Serving in the US Navy as an air traffic controller, singer/songwriter Dave Munro sent home demos written during deployment. Bandmate and singer/songwriter CaseySullivan met Dave soon thereafter, and the two forged a collaborative bond that has become the vocal sound of ATC.

With an eclectic song catalog and category-defying organic/electronic sound,  people are taking notice of ATC.  They were 2015 Billboard Hot 100 Fest performers with The Weekend and Justin Bieber, placed on the NPR Hot 100 List for SXSW, named Guardian UK Band of the Day, won Best Indie Alternative Song in the Independent Music Awards,  and have over 15 million Spotify plays. ATC’s music has been licensed by Bose, MTV, NBC, ABC, Disney, Verizon, Toyota, and many more. The band started the new year with showcases in Park City at Sundance with ASCAP, Toyota Music Lodge, Zen Den, and Cisero’s. They followed thisup with their first Sixthman Rock Boat cruise with bands like Bronze Radio Return, Jukebox The Ghost, and Michael Franti. An Official act again this year at SXSW, ATC played showcases for McDonalds and the Grammy Museum.

Air Traffic Controller’s third album, BLACK BOX, was released on March 11, 2016.

New Monsters – Slow Runner

New Monsters - Slow Runner

In three short weeks, the indie world will see the return of one of the east coast’s great creative duos. It’s been four-plus years since the world has seen a new album from Michael Flynn and Josh Kaler – known as Slow Runner. The duo cut a wide creative swatch with organic percussion, celebrating emotively driven pop and infusing it with electronic-fed geeky garage rock.

Time away has done nothing to dull these knives..

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Now That We’re Gone – Canyon Spells

Fat Stacks - Canyon SpellsNow That We’re Gone, the highly anticipated debut album from Canyon Spells is out now. Perennial favorites of The Outlaw Roadshow, the Nashville-based indie rock band, have time and again to offer some of the best songwriting and hooks in contemporary music. Today we have the debut of the band’s lyric video for the track, “Fat Stacks.” It’s an amusing and pointed look at equating goals related to wealth with love, prosperity and happiness.

The band’s choice of two drum-playing accompaniment in the lyric video is impossible to break away from, even though the action has nothing at all to do with the subject matter. Sense of humor is important to this band.

“A lot of the album is poking at the culture of our generation and this constant barrage of social media that most people seem to have just accepted,” says songwriter Jimmie Linville, adding: “It affects everything: love, relationships, hopes, dreams… and the music explores that, but with a chip on its shoulder.”

I want our readers to know one thing: this album is amazing and should prove to be one of the best of 2016. Produced and recorded in Chicago by Brian Deck (Modest Mouse, Iron and Wine, Josh Ritter), Now That We’re Gone announces itself as an album built on tension and primed for transcendence with its harmonized guitar solos and soaring vocals. The album’s immediate sense of urgency stems from an incident that occurred while the band was on tour in April 2015 when an SUV unhitched from a car carrier on the opposite side of the freeway, launched across the median, and smashed head-on into the car beside them. “The whole experience really reminded me how important it is to be brave in what we’re doing,” says Canyon Spells’ singer and primary songwriter Jimmie Linville. “The accident gave us permission, in a way. It reminded us that we might not ever get another chance.”

Rattled but emboldened by their brush with disaster, Canyon Spells began tracking Now That We’re Gone within days. Canyon Spells regard Now That We’re Gone as a mark of their commitment to the truth, almost to a fault, in their songwriting. “These songs don’t try to teach you, or tell you what to do,” Linville says. “They’re putting it down there on the floor, spreading it out, and saying ‘This is how it is. This is the truth. Do with it what you will.’

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