James Maddock and David Immergluck

NYC 2016 / Video

As a music writer and an event promoter, there is no greater satisfaction than to discover, to curate, or to foster a moment that true happiness occurs in. You are about to share in such a memory today.

James Maddock is one of contemporary music’s greatest storytellers. That’s likely because the soul at the center of his artistic storm is completely unique.. his voice is the conduit from someplace deep. Since 1999, James Maddock’s boldly vulnerable songwriting, honeyed rasp, and distinct folk and Americana aesthetic have garnered acclaim from icons, peers, and tastemaking outlets like NPR, American Songwriter, Relix Magazine, and CMT Edge.

It’s been an absolute pleasure becoming friends with David Immerglück, the brilliant Counting Crows anchor player, who fans lovingly call “Immy.” One of the best strings man I have ever seen, he is certainly one of the top mandolin players in the game today, effortlessly taking any song to a special place. Flanked by a number of young musicians, Maddock and Immerglück watched the video sessions unfold before stepping up to perform themselves. The results are stunning.

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