Matt Bartlett

NYC 2016 / Video

Yahooo! Some cowboys wear black hats and some where white. Others wear ironic fishing caps and those dudes also play with exceptional New York City rock bands..

It was incredible to be surrounded by so many musical friends in NY; we’re lucky that it’s always so good like that. Well wasn’t I surprised to see our friend Matt Bartlett (from Outlaw mainstays Skunkmello) walk in to play on his lonesome!

Best Live Acts – In all seriously, Skunkmello are one of the most entertaining sets in New York City these days. After residencies and capacity shows in some of the city’s favorite venues, they released one of the year’s best country-rock fusion efforts in Hot Chicken. And whether unplugged or rocking – this is probably one of the most fun live acts to see in the country, they are witty and engaging from the first note to the very last.

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