Alan Wuorinen

NYC 2016 / Video

One of the great things about having so many talented music friends is they never cease to amaze you. Such is the case with Alan Wourinen, the singer of The Longwalls. While we weren’t able to get the whole band in the New York City lineup this year, Alan did make the trip and performed a stellar set of solo numbers for us on stage and in this video. Crowds were impressed.

One of the East Coast’s best sounds / Sneaky Good! – Alan and the band play dark pop songs influenced by cultural tides, historical figures and social ephemera and this set was no different. The Longwalls last two full-length albums, The Gold Standard and Kowloon are two sides of the same study of coins – demonstrating just how good they really are. This January, The Longwalls dropped a live album you need to hear (here!)

Alan, who just so happens to be one of my favorite radio show guests (The Outlaw Roadshow radio program airs weekly) plays four songs in this amazing video session. It begins with Sargasso of Space, a song celebrating a 1955 sci-fi novel by Andrew North (the pen name of Alice Mary Norton – a woman way ahead of her time.) In the video Wourinen is surrounded by the paintings of artist Felipe Molina.

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