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The Outlaw Roadshow NY this October is being postponed. We do not yet have the re-book date but will be working with our sponsor, the venue and the submitted music acts to set the perfect stage for the best possible event. The hard reality is that booking a heartfelt, musician and music-lover event that’s genuine – and free, is truly a hard thing to do! Thankfully making it happen for so many good people brings me great joy. My promise to you is to vow to continue trying to make this happen and in my own small way, making this world a better place for all of us. Read below, there’s some exciting things ahead!


Ryan Spaulding
The Outlaw Roadshow


  • The Outlaw Roadshow will be launching a t-shirt design contest (so many folks have been excited for new street-wear. Artists, show us your style!)
  • The Outlaw Roadshow Radio Podcast will return this Fall with some exciting surprises…
  • And as always, you never count a good man out. I’ll be setting up some pop-up music events in different locations and in a festival near you!

The Music Festival Experience Returns to NY next week

At times we all need to be reminded of what is truly great in the world. And for music lovers.. For myself, that is The Outlaw Roadshow. For something that was little more than a flight of fancy; an idea between two music-minded friends almost a decade ago, is now a recurring music event with a lasting legacy. While this “little train that could” (a small fry in the global world of the Music Industry) does well everywhere it goes, no where is that more true than in New York City.

Manhattan is our home. For my partner in crime, Adam Duritz, the city is where he resides and where we get together to celebrate music and life. But for The Outlaw and our community of returning musicians, friends and family – each October is a place to be together, to breathe again and to laugh at the void.

For years now, we have gathered early and worked late together to celebrate the best new music the world has ever seen. Along the way, we are constantly reminded why music is life for us. And every single year, our group grows. New friends, new artists, new stragglers (folks looking for a place to be in this world where great bands die for the actual lack of attention) they join our fold. Every single October in New York City we meet and there are discoveries all around us. The team responsible for The Outlaw Roadshow love to guess which acts will end up being the biggest winners – the acts that win a throng of new supporters and fans. It’s almost never who we think. But really, everyone wins kind of big.

The Artists who play our stages get more out of this experience as the fans. They meet artist-brothers and -sisters who will tour with them, put them up on couches and attend their shows in distant cities while on tour. They meet producers who can help. Some get signed to (actually beneficial) indie record deals and licensing opportunities that will help sustain them financially. Everyone leaves with a full heart.

poster art (as always by Man on Fire Design) final unveiling w/ artists in days!
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Nashville Line-up Announced!


ORS - Nashville




NASHVILLE, TN – The Outlaw Roadshow ( founded by Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz and Boston music blogger and radio host Ryan Spaulding (@theRSL) today announce the return of The Roadshow to America’s Music City – next week. Music lovers will rejoice in three nights of remarkable music talent for FREE at the Mercy Lounge and High Watt on September 15, 16, and 17.

“We’re so excited to bring The Outlaw Roadshow back to Nashville,” said Duritz. “There are so many great bands and this city is such a great place to find real music. The Outlaw is my favorite time of the year!”

In July, The Outlaw announced a year-long collaboration with PledgeMusic, a company offering artists a platform for success and sustainability. PledgeMusic will also present events and parties with The Outlaws in Toronto and New York following Nashville. Thousands of music lovers and artists will be treated to a week of rejuvenation.

“It’s been so exciting to see this stunning lineup come together. Nashville is going to be treated to 3 nights of incredible artists – both existing PledgeMusic artists and some brand new faces,” said Jayce Varden, PledgeMusic Founder & SVP Artist Development. “Ryan and Adam have built the Outlaw community hand in hand with artists and fans, which made sponsoring this year’s multi-city tour an easy decision.”

The Outlaw Roadshow Nashville will feature sets from some of music’s most gifted live acts:  

Buffalo Rodeo, Canyon Spells, Corey James Bost, Chaos Emeralds, The Roosevelts, Jill Andrews, Don Dilego, Nate Leavitt, These Wild Plains, Anna Mae, Town Meeting, OldJack, Beth Bombara, Cheyenne Medders, The Quaildogs, Kirby Brown, Elijah Ocean, Matt York, Kim Logan, Hotel Oscar, Daniel Thomas Phipps, The Rationales, Manrelic, The Harmeleighs, Paul Childers, Tony Memmel, Ben Fields, Walking Man, Avi Jacob, Caleb Lovely, and Brick Briscoe!

Nashville is all about love! Our Artists receive services from 8 Lavender Lane, Riverwood Mansion, Sobro Guest House, Little Harpeth Brewery and D’addario. Because of sponsorship relationships with organizations like Nashville’s own NoiseTrade and sister company, SetFM, artists will have the opportunity to have the sets at The Outlaw Roadshow celebrated, recorded and shared with the world.

“As a tribe-building and music discovery platform, we’re thrilled for NoiseTrade be play a role in this year’s Outlaw Roadshow events. What Adam and Ryan have built is really the ultimate intersection of everything we value in the range of artists you’ll see in every city, from your current favorite band to your new favorite,” said Derek Webb, Co-Founder and President of NoiseTrade. Especially here in Nashville where we’re founded, we’re honored to be helping support one of the most exciting multi-city music events around.”

Duritz and Spaulding met during a press interview in 2008 as Counting Crows were about to release their Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings album. They became fast friends and decided they wanted to find a way to work together. The Outlaw was born. Long live the music!


Get the new, free Outlaw Roadshow App, available now through iTunes and the Google Play store. Get the schedule, all the artist bios, links and music along with a celebration of prior performers and links to Ryan’s radio podcasts!


The Outlaw Presents: Bird Language, Buffalo Rodeo and The Rationales

The Outlaw PresentsThe Outlaw Roadshow and WEMF Radio present Bird Language, Buffalo Rodeo, and The Rationales Monday August 29th at 8pm at PA’s Lounge 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA.  This is a show you do not want to miss if you are in the Boston area.  Kick your week off right with a great night of music and friends.

The Outlaw Roadshow 2016


NEW YORK, NY – The Outlaw Roadshow (, founded by Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz and Boston music blogger and radio host Ryan Spaulding (@theRSL), today announce an exciting new partnership with PledgeMusic who will co-present their Outlaw dates in North America this fall.

“PledgeMusic and the Outlaw Roadshow complement each other perfectly,” said Dominic Pandiscia, CEO of PledgeMusic. “The quality of artists and music that The Outlaw Roadshow helps expose is of a very high caliber and PledgeMusic is all about connecting the super-fan into that artistry and experience on a global scale.”

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The Outlaw Roadshow Austin 2012

Poster Gallery

We have created an archive of all past Outlaw posters created by the amazing Frank Germano of Man On Fire.

Checkout our history in Posters

K Phillips

K Phillips joins the Counting Crows summer tour

Longtime Outlaw K Phillips will join the Counting Crows and Rob Thomas for their tour this summer.  There’s really no question why Adam and Rob chose K and his band to open for their audiences, truly one of the best acts in the country right now.

His ramshackle, country vibe comes off exactly as intended.. Cautiously perfect. Righteously cool… Expect quiet moments and huge, soaring jams – all inspired by stories of lost love and nights out looking for trouble.

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